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We assure our patience that all WHO recommended sterilization protocols and procedures are followed in our surgery for prevention of cross infections




A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is made of biocompatible metal ( ex. Titanium) ,placed into the bone of the jaw in place of a lost tooth to support a replacement tooth or bridge that resembles a natural tooth in appearance. Such an implant will allow you to chew normally as if you still had your own tooth.

Even though this is more expensive than other treatments, it gives you a natural appearance. There is no need to cut down healthy teeth and possible to chew well. But this may require a longer treatment period and surgery is required.

Dental implants may be split into two separate categories based on the diameter of the device. Small diameter dental implants, most often referred to as ‘Mini Implants’, are those with a diameter less than three millimeters (3mm.) Likewise, standard or conventional implants are larger than 3mm in diameter. Mini dental implants are cheaper than conventional dental implants

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